Types & Treatments

Natural Sapphire Rings

Natural sapphire rings are sapphire rings that contain only natural stones, and are strictly untreated.  Blue sapphires and yellow sapphires are the most commonly colored natural sapphire ring. These are the most rare sapphire rings, and most valuable.

Heat Treated Sapphire Rings

Jewelers sometimes heat sapphires to enhance their appearance.  Heat treated sapphire rings are common throughout the industry yet are not as valuable as natural sapphire rings.

Diffusion Treated Sapphire Rings

Diffusion is a treatment that is a step further than heat treated.  Diffused sapphire rings are heat treated first and then enhanced with another mineral.

Lab Created Sapphire Rings

Lab created, or synthetic, sapphire rings are man made.  Theses sapphires are grown in labs.  This process is still expensive but does knock down the price of a sapphire ring considerably.  Unfortunately the resale value is also typically very low.

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