Sapphire rings are fashionable jewelry ornaments that are circular in nature and adorn the finger.  Sapphire rings can be made with natural sapphire stones, natural stones that are enhanced or polished, and lab created sapphire stones.  The value of a sapphire ring is typically highly correlated to the quality and size of the sapphire stone(s).

According to Wikipedia, the sapphire stone is "one of the two gem-varieties of corundum, the other being ruby".  There appears to be a debate in the jewelry world as far as the true origin of sapphire rings and other pieces sapphire jewelry.  There are claims the ancient Greeks founded sapphire as jewelry, and other claims sapphire jewelry originated in Sri Lanka.

Sapphires are one of three precious gemstones, the others being rubies and emeralds.  Sapphires are also the third hardest substance known to man, after only diamonds and moisannites with a Mohs score of 9.  Therefore, jewelers love to incorporate sapphires into ring designs because they are confident the stone with not crack or break.

Sapphires also possess spiritual meaning throughout ancient, medieval and modern times.  Sapphire rings may be spiritually associated with hope and good fortune, or they could have special symbolic meaning.  Royal jewels often contain sapphires as they've always been associated with nobility and wealth.

Sapphire rings are typically blue sapphire rings or yellow sapphire rings.  Sapphires can exist in almost any color however, and pink sapphire rings are popular as well.  Sapphires may be combined with diamonds or other precious gemstones such as rubies and emeralds to create very unique and elegantly designed rings.​

Sapphire rings can be relatively inexpensive if they are lab created and not mounted on a gold or platinum ring.  On the other end of the spectrum sapphire rings can be incredibly expensive commanding prices north of $5 million.  Very expensive sapphire rings are natural sapphire rings that have large stones of extremely high quality.

The weight of the sapphire in the sapphire ring is measured in carats.  The more carats, the larger the sapphire stone in the ring (and the higher the value of the ring).​  Sapphire rings are often mounted on gold and platinum, and the metal upon which the stone is mounted upon also influences the price of a sapphire ring.  Gold sapphire rings are the most common, followed by platinum sapphire rings, and then silver sapphire rings.

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