About SapphireRings.com

SapphireRings.com is the original brainchild of master jeweler Kim Wheeling.  Kim had a vision that no other jeweler at the time had, eCommerce will change selling sapphire rings online forever. 


Kim was selling sapphire rings and other gemstone rings in Moab, Utah and hand registered the domain name SapphireRings.com on September 12, 1999.  Kim's legacy is honored as we keep his ingenuity alive.

SapphireRings.com is now home to the "Official Site of Sapphire Rings".  This site aims to educate, inform, and inspire all those who love sapphire rings, whether your are 4 years old or 104 years old.  This site is still in beta mode, which means new features and value adds are yet to come.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us